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  • 【Advantages】This cordless scissor is convenient and portable, battery rechargeable and Power pluggable. Low noise, with favorable heat emission. When the battery is charging, it could still be used by connecting with the power supply. 100V-240V power supply all could be used, you could carry it all over the world.
  • 【Large 5000mAh Battery】This electric fabric scissor comes with the 5000mAh Li-ion battery, battery is fully charged in just 120 minutes and can work continuously (press the switch and keep on) for 140 minutes. Unlike most electric scissors on the market, the large capacity battery of this electronic scissor makes it last much longer.
  • 【What can this scissor do?】This electronic scissor can cutting multi-layer fabric, cut fabric for masks, can do S-shape cutting freely. The incision is neat and no burr. It is suitable for clothing, leather, luggage and bags, textiles, rubber products, paper industry, carpets, handicrafts, umbrellas, tufting rugs, etc. A fabulous scissor for quilting business.
  • 【Difference between WBT-1 & WBT-2】The cutting efficiency of WBT-2 is improved by 30% on the basis of WBT-1, which is faster and more powerful. The cutter head has also been upgraded, which can be locked on the body, which is stronger and has a longer life. The grip is more comfortable; however, due to the increase in speed, the noise will also be appropriately increased. The battery capacity of WBT-2 has been upgraded from the old 2200MAH to 5000mAh.
  • 【Notes on battery】This electric scissor comes with one battery, and it has installed a battery shell which is used for connecting with the power supply, this battery shell could not be charged, please kindly note this. Only the real battery rack could be charged.
  • 【Cutting Range】(for reference only): Sponge, felt, knitted cotton: within 15mm; Clothing, textile fabric, knitwear, curtain: within 8mm; Glass fiber, imitation leather, rubber, carpet, soft plastic, paper products: within 5mm; Leather, carbon fiber, aramid fiber: within 3mm
  • 【Best Gift for Who Loves Sewing】The body of this electric scissor is only 0.41kg, comfortable to hold and convenient to carry. It is the ideal cutting tool for the people who has arthritis. This portable powerful scissor will save your hands and improve the cutting efficiency. If you are a professional seamstress or you have families or friends working on sewing, just do not hesitate to pick this scissor as a gift!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review