KEVLAR® is an advanced technology from DuPont that combines high strength with light weight, durability and protection.  Products made with KEVLAR®—protective apparel, sports equipment, automotive armor, industrial and military applications. 

KEVLAR® is five times stronger than steel on an equal weight basis, yet, at the same time, is lightweight, flexible and has many uses. 

By using Kevlar Fabric in conjunction with a Thermoplastic film system, it's possible to mold or laminate Kevlar into light weight ballistic panels or armor. These Ballistic Panels find extensive use in the automotive armor industry as well as architectural applications such as bank counters, safe rooms, and guard stations, to name a few. Kevlar Fabric is also used in making Bullet and Stab Resistant Vests not only used by the Military and Law Enforcement agencies around the world, but by private citizens as well. 

Aramid and High Performance Fabrics
Aramid and high performance fabrics are not only used in architectural ballistic applications such as Government Buildings, Guard Houses, Bank Teller Counters, Judges Bench/Desk, Private Homes, and Safe Rooms to name a few. They are also found extensively in bullet, fragment, and stab resistant soft body armor used worldwide by militaries, federal agencies, police, and prison guards and where high tenacity fibers are necessary. These extremely durable fabrics are woven from the following fibers:

Kevlar® is a para-aramid fiber which displays excellent dimensional stability over a wide range of temperatures for prolonged periods. Even at temperatures of 320° F (160° C) Kevlar® shows essentially no embrittlement or strength loss. Kevlar® fiber also has excellent dimensional stability with a slightly negative coefficient of thermal expansion (-1.1 X 10-6/° F or -0.2 X 10-6/° C). Kevlar ® fiber does not melt or support combustion but will start to decompose at about 800° F (427° C).


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