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15" long Heavy Duty Mixer for use in gel coats and resins. Use in Gallons or 5 Gallon Pots. Item: MXZ400 Click on Picture for more info.
Our new heavy duty mixer for use in gel coats and resins is perfect for composite shops. A simple and efficient way to mix gel coat and resin. Also mix Adhesives, cement, chemicals, ceramics, coatings, epoxies, foods, foams, glues, hi-viscosity liquids, mortar, paint, pharmaceuticals, polyester gel coats, resins, sheetrock mud, slurry, zinc rich materials or any other "tough to mix" materials. Creates a nice vortex and mixes and stirs materials completely. The Hexagonal shaft prevents slipping in power tools, use with Standard Drills. Item: MXZ400 Spanish: Nuestro nuevo mexclador resistente para el uso en capas de gel y resinas es perfecto para los talleres de compuestos. Una manera simple y eficiente de mexclar la capa de gel y resina. El eje hexagonal evita el deslizamiento en herramientas electricas. Item: MXZ400


(No reviews yet) Write a Review