G660 4.5 Production Gelcoat & Resin Spray Gun

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G660-4.5 Gel Coat & Resin spray Gun includes a 4.55 mm nozzle to rapidly spray all size parts.  Consumption CFM is 7-12 Feed Type is Gravity Pattern Width of Fan Shape at 180 mm. Air Pressure is 50 to 80 psi. Rated Pressure 70 psi. Output is 300 gm/min. Item: G660-4.5

Perfect for Fiberglass Shops of all sizes.  Gravity Feed spray gun used specifically for Gel Coat & Polyester based Resin systems. The G660-4.5 main features are a large 1-liter plastic container to hold plenty of Gel Coat or Resin so more spraying is accomplished with less filling. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review