G200-6 External Mix Gel Coat and Resin Spray Gun

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External Mix Gel Coat and Resin Spray Gun. The G200-6 is a professional grade sprayer and works exactly like the Model G100 but adds the convenience of external mixing. Item: G200-6

The G200-6 has an adjustable catalyst dispenser spray angle to insure proper mix of catalyst with resin/gelcoat. For use with standard air compressor @ 70-100 psi. 

If you are looking for an affordable "external mix" Gel Coat / Resin Spray gun look no further. This professional / industrial grade sprayer works like our famous Model G100 but adds an external mix feature for the catalyst. This added feature means there is no need to pre-catalyze because the catalyst is held in its own little reservoir you can take your time spraying and even put the gun down without worrying that the mix is going to kick off.

The resin and catalyst don't meet until you pull the trigger and then they catalyze in the air as its hitting your repair, part or mold. There are two separate flow controls for resin / gel coat and the catalyst and they can be adjusted to a wide variety of different flow and atomization rates.

The 3.5oz plastic catalyst container makes it easy to monitor the catalyst usage and it also has an adjustable spray angle to insure proper mix of catalyst and resin/gelcoat. This gun can be used with or without the external mix feature. If you want to spray other materials or premix resin or Gelcoat you just turn the flow off to the catalyst reservoir and now the gun is just like our G100 model.....

With the other nozzles available and sold separately, this gun is used for spraying not only gelcoat and resins, but other materials such as parting films, spray gypsum, sand able primers, granite enhanced gelcoats, adhesives and paints.

The Spray Gun comes with the nozzle tip used specifically for Gel Coat and Resin but with our largest nozzle sold separately, it will even sand blast. Its extremely easy to clean design means clean up can be done in less than five minutes. Wipe the lid and nozzle, throw away the cup and you're ready to go again.

It uses one quart 32oz disposable replaceable paper tubs that can be found on our website. Additional nozzles and parts are available and sold separately by request. It comes complete with FN6 nozzle, lid, plastic cup, nozzle brush, 32oz paper cup, cup liner, micron mil gauge & instructions.

This is a very affordable sprayer for anyone including the seasoned pro or just someone starting out doing small applications. It's shipped in the original never opened manufacturers packaging and comes with a full manufacturer's warranty.

This is not a complete spray up system with chopper gun and cart for gun roving.  This is a spray gun only and a chopper gun can be purchsed separately to be used in conjunction with one another separately.  

For best results use with standard air compressor @ 70-100 psi. There needs to be a minimum of 3/8" ID hose, maximum 50 ft. We also do not recommend the use of quick connects. Nearly all are 1/4" and are very restrictive of air flow. This will greatly affect the catalyst spray side, as an under-supplied spray guns air will migrate to the resin/gelcoat side. If you have questions call 440-992-2331


(No reviews yet) Write a Review