Formula Five Mold Release Wax (12oz Can)

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Product Overview

ReXco Formula Five Mold Release Wax is a release agent specifically designed for the Fiberglass industry. Using multiple blends of modern polymers and special hydrocarbon waxes ReXco has created the ultimate mold release wax.  12oz can. Item: REX-F5-Wax

Formula Five Mold Release Wax is specifically developed for Fiberglass Fabricators and Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Manufacturers making small or large parts.

Formula Five Mold Release Wax is part of a simplified multi-cycle method of releasing parts from gel-coated surfaces. A concentrated wax compound formulated for high gloss and rubout qualities and blended to achieve easy release with maximum number of cycles. It also provides easy application and positive multiple releases in even the most demanding situations.

Formula Five® Mold Release Wax is has the lowest silicone content in the industry. Silicone or wax transfer to finished parts can be avoided by applying PVA such as Partall Coverall Film over the last coat of wax. Available in 12 oz. net wt. premium seamless metal cans. REX-F5-Wax



(No reviews yet) Write a Review