Cedar Strip Boat Building: Run time 75 mins

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The Cedar Strip Canoe in this DVD was built during a three-day period in November 2003. It was filmed in a professional boat shop by a professional film crew and captures in vivid color all aspects of Cedar Strip Boat Building. Item: NFW-DVD1

Look up close over the shoulder of an experienced boat builder as he walks you through what tools to use, what materials you need and the secrets of doing things right the first time. Watch as he starts with the strongback, set up the forms for the canoe, strip the hull, add the stems and prepare for fiberglassing.

The methods used to build this cedar strip canoe are used everyday by professional boat builders around the world. Anyone can follow this instruction video and easily duplicate what the professionals have been doing for years. This DVD will share with you many years of practical experience in an easy to follow step by step instruction video. Even the first-time builder can build a beautiful boat using this video and common tools.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review