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522A 075600
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3/4"Dia X 6"L Plastic Handle DELUXE ALUMINUM FIN ROLLER Our most popular roller line. Straight groove, Deluxe Plastic Handle. Item# 522A 075600

This is a 3/4"Dia X 6"L Plastic Handle DELUXE ALUMINUM FIN ROLLER. At 6" wide this will roll over a lot of glass in a hurry. Aluminum Straight groove roller with Deluxe Plastic handle. Use it when laying up Chop Strand Mat, Combo Mat, Knit Mat and Woven Roving and more. It will work the resin into the glass while removing trapped air bubbles and excess resin from your layup.

This roller has the Traditional deep fin, straight groove design. Strong, galvanized steel frames for durability. Undersize handle bore for tight fit and long life and comfort. All handles are steel ferrule reinforced and accept standard threaded extension handles. These rollers have been Machined with radius fin corners to reduce glass fiber shearing. This is not a cheap roller that you see elsewhere, this is what the pro's use. The roller itself has a handle that is 11.5" long, the Aluminum groved roller is 6" long and the diameter is 1/2".


(No reviews yet) Write a Review