10oz x 4" wide 110 yard roll Style 7500 Boat & Tooling Cloth

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10 ounce per square yard x 4" wide 110 yard roll of General Purpose Fiberglass Boat and Tooling Cloth Tape.  

Plain Weave Boat and Tooling Fiberglass  Style 7500 x 4" wide with a Volan Finish.  Each roll has 110 yards x 4" wide.  1 yard is 36"inches long by 4"inches wide. So one yard is one square foot of material.   Each 110 yard roll has 110 square feet of fiberglass cloth.  The Volan Finish is applied so you can use with Epoxy, Polyester or Vinyl Easter Resins and General Purpose Fiberglass Resin.   There is no adhesive on this Fiberglass, Tape is a term used in the Fiberglass industry for narrow fiberglass.  Best result are  achieved  when used with Resins.      
A plain weave cloth tape with slit edges. Ideal for seam work, corners, edges, and repairs. Sold by the 110 yard roll.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review