1.5oz 50" Chop Strand Mat - 99 lb Full Roll

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1.5oz sq/ft 50" wide 86 pound Full Roll - Fiberglass Chop Strand Mat used for general purpose fiberglass reinforcements. Item CSM 1.5-50

Strand Mat that can be used for molds & boat building or fiberglass repair. Chop Strand Mat is a general purpose fiberglass reinforcement material. It is composed of chopped fiberglass of various lengths randomly dispersed to provide equal distribution in all directions, held together with a chemical binder.

The end result is a material that creates good stiffness in products when used alone or in conjuction with other fiberglass fabrics. Chop Strand Mat is commonly used because of its low cost and the good bond provided between layers of Woven Roving or fiberglass cloth.

It is also commonly used by itself for a wide variety of glassing applications where a thick, heavy, durable, coarse finish is required.

Chop Strand Mat is usually categorized by weight per square foot. Use with Polyester based resins when not used in conjunction with fiberglass cloth or woven roving. (1063 sq/ft per roll )Item CSM 1.5-50

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review