CGA-08 Gear Reduced Chopper Gun

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Product Overview

Direct Drive Varible Speed Gear Reduced Air Powered Chopper Gun- Light weight unit for easy glass fiber chopping.  More volume control at low rpm speeds. Weighs only 2.5lbs. low air consumption 3.5 CFM 80 psi. Item: CGA-08

Hand held, variable speed air powered chopper gun for coating molds or parts with glass reinforcement. Continuous glass roving is fed into the rear of the chopper gun and cut up into chopped strands while being shot into the mold or part at high volume by high speed rotory blades.

Compact, hand held choppers are perfect for both small and large jobs with variable speed for controlling glass fiber output. Air choppers can chop from 1/4" to 3" long strands, simply by adding or subtracting blades. Safe and easy to operate, these choppers are also an excellent tool for field repairs. All models now direct drive.

Weighs only 2.5lbs. low air consumption 3.5 CFM 80 psi. 3.0 lb. / min. at 1" long strand Glass Fiber Output.

Standard replacement parts are available.  The Gear Reduced Chopper Gun runs at 15% lower RPM versus our other less expensive chopper guns. What a gear reduced chopper gives you is less wear and tear on the chopper motor and more constant control over the output of roving.

The gun then chops the roving into short pieces and deposits them onto the mold. Resin is then applied by brush, roller or sprayed on using a cup gun. The length of the fibers can be varied from 4" down to 5/16". This gun will deposit the equivalent of one layer of 1 oz mat onto a vertical surface without fall-off before wet-out.

Ideally suited to quick mold or part build-up once the first layer or two are in place. Use a saturation roller to remove trapped air. Ultimate control comes down to the person using the chopper gun and results will vary. Item: CGA-08


(No reviews yet) Write a Review