Kevlar Bullet Resistant Fabric

Kevlar high performance fabrics are not only used in architectural bullet resistant applications such as Government Buildings, Guard Houses, Bank Teller Counters, Judges Bench/Desk, Private Homes, and Safe Rooms to name a few. They are also found extensively in bullet, fragment, and stab resistant soft body armor used worldwide by militaries, federal agencies, police, and prison guards and where high tenacity fibers are necessary. These extremely durable fabrics are woven from the following fibers:

  • Kevlar® is an organic fiber from the DuPont Corporation. Kevlar® is five times stronger than steel, weight for weight. Kevlar® provides excellent impact resistance and is one of the lightest structural fibers available on the market today. Kevlar® is generally yellow in color and soft to touch. Kevlar® is commercially available in two compositions
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