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1 Gallon ISO PREMIUM RESIN ( P17) Orca 301 is an ISO, thixotropic, polyester resin designed for fabrication of small to large FRP parts and general purpose fiberglass repairs.  Extremely fast wet out and Roll out, Moderate trim time, High Strength, Corrosive resistance. MEKP HARDENER Included.  Item: FL050330123210IR1G

Isophthalic (Iso) resins are a step above Ortho resins, and are better suited for corrosion environments, elevated service temperatures, and have greater mechanical properties. Iso resins have between 42% and 50% styrene because the higher molecular weight more solvent is required to create a workable viscosity. Iso’s better properties do bring higher cost as compared to Ortho Resins.

Isophthalic ( iso ) resins are higher grade resins in that the molecular structure is denser. It is a special raw material utilized in corrosion resistant and/or premium grade polyester resins. These resins will exhibit a higher heat distortion temperature, higher strength, greater flexibility and are more waterproof than orthophthalic resins 

Orca 301 is pre-promoted for curing at room temperature with the addition of methyl ethyl ketone peroxide (MEKP) initiator. Orca 301 is designed to be used with both the spray-up and hand lay application techniquse.




(No reviews yet) Write a Review