G100-6K Gel Coat and Resin Spray Gun - With O-Ring Kit

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G100-6K Professional grade Gel Coat & Resin spray Gun and a complete O-Ring Rebuild Kit. Item: G1006K
 This gun can also be used to spray many other liquids by purchasing the optional nozzles available. G100-6K Cup Gun comes complete with O-Ring Rebuild Kit, FN6 nozzle, plastic cup, nozzle brush, paper cup, cup liner, & instructions. This gun is ready to use right out of the box. Use with standard air compressor @ 60-100 psi. This spray gun will provide years of reliable quality spraying with very little maintenance. This is a very affordable sprayer for anyone including the seasoned pro or just someone starting out or doing small applications. This Spray Gun is also known as a Dump Gun depending on who you talk to. We always have them in stock so shipping will be the same day if we get the order in the morning. If you have questions call 440-992-2331. Comes with a full manufacturer's warranty.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review