Fiberglass Tape 12oz x 6" Double Bias 45/45 ( 50 yards )

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12 ounce x 6" wide +45/-45 Double Bias Fiberglass Tape (50 yard roll). This fiberglass fabric is prefect for repairs, tabbing, reinforcing, fillets and seaming. Item DB1200-6-50Y

This is a 50 yard roll of 12ounce x 6" inch wide Knitted Double Bias (+45/-45 Degree ) fiberglass narrow width tape. This is a very conformable fiberglass cloth and you would use it where equal strength and stiffness in both directions is required. It has good wet and provides a smooth laminate with minimal shrinkage. With its flat non-crimped fibers it yields reduced print-thru and higher stiffness than regular woven fabrics.

Double Bias tape is ideal for repairs, tabbing, fillets, seaming and reinforcing. It is extremely conformable, offering fast wet out, high strength and is ideal for hand lay up. It's ideal for use in making structural fillets of major hull seams and structural bulkheads. Because of the way it's made (knitted +45/-45 degree) lays down especially nice in corners, bulk heads and stringers. Each roll is 50 yards long at 6" inches wide. Use with Epoxy resin or Polyester based resin systems.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review