Cedar Strip how to apply the Epoxy & Fiberglass. Run time 78 mins.

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Filmed in a professional boat shop by a professional film crew this video captures in vivid color and up close all aspects of applying epoxy and Fiberglass. Item: NFW-DVD2

Welcome to the world of Epoxy and Fiberglass Hand Lay-up. This comprehensive video is an indepth look on how to apply fiberglass cloth and Epoxy to a Cedar Strip Canoe. This step by step instruction video walks you through the entire process on doing the job correctly.

Look over the the shoulder of an experienced boat builder as he prepares the hull, applies the seal coat, rolls out the fiberglass cloth coat and then filler coats of Epoxy step by step as if you were in the shop next to him. He explains everything you'll need to know and keeps you interested through the entire video.

The video also discusses the purpose of the application materials and the best way to use them correctly. Safety procedures and equipment are also mentioned making this video a must before you start your project. Not only does this DVD help you get the best possible results it shows you the techniques that are proven to work. If you have never wet-out fiberglass or have but are looking to get an up close look at how the experts do it, then this video is a must have for you and your project.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review