3.16 oz x 50" Fiberglass Cloth Style 120 - 5 yards

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Product Overview

3.16 oz x 50" inch wide Style 120 Light Weight Fiberglass Cloth Crowfoot weave 5 yards. Item: 120-50Y

3.16oz x 50" Style 120 Fiberglass Cloth with Crowfoot weave. Style 120 is a lightweight Cloth used for aerospace applications and is excellent for model building. Its only .004" thick and the Crowfoot weave contours nicely because the weave is more pliable than plain weave, therefore conforms to complex curves more easily. Crowfoot weave is also know as 4 harnis satin weave which has a smooth satin feel.

The tight pattern achieves a good strength to weight ratio for lightweight applications.. Use with Epoxy or Polyester: Item 120-50


(No reviews yet) Write a Review