1708 x 50" Knitted ±45° Double Bias w/ Mat (SOLD BY THE YARD)

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1708 x 50", 17oz Knitted +45/-45 Double Bias with 3/4oz chop strand mat stitched together.  Use Epoxy or Polyester.  Item DB1708-50

1708 is a high strength stitch bonded DOUBLE BIAS product mechanically combining ( + - 45 degree ) rovings and chopped strands. The resulting DOUBLE BIAS product is extremely conformable with high strength offering fast wet out. A heavy duty reinforcement common in marine construction. Used where high strength and fast build-up are necessary. Compatible with polyester, Vinyl Ester, Epoxy, and Polyurethane resin systems. Great for fiberglassing stringers and bulk heads because it will lay down nicely. Item DBM 1708-50



(No reviews yet) Write a Review