Wax Additive ( 4oz )

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4oz - Wax Surfacing agent for polyester resins and gel coats. Makes the surfaces tack free for easier sanding. Item: FL-06324
4 ounce container of Wax-Sol surface agent. This solution is added to the last coat of non-waxed resins and or non-waxed gelcoats to prevent the prolonged tackiness associated with the long curing times of non waxed resins. When used the wax will rise to the surface of the part or repair and protect the curing resin from the inhibiting action of the air. In other words the air is what keeps the part from curing completely tack free, and by adding the wax it becomes a barrier between the air and Resin or Gelcoat leaving the surface ready for sanding.. All Resins will eventually cure tack free without wax, but with the Wax- Sol surface agent it cures right away and not in days or weeks.. Recommend adding 4 oz. per each gallon of resin or gel coat. Item: FL-06324


(No reviews yet) Write a Review