REXCO is the leading North American manufacturer of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) parting film-forming barrier solutions for thermoset composites. PVA parting films are solvent resistant yet water soluble and include traditional alcohol containing solutions for fast drying and new environmentally friendly, non-hazardous PVA films based on sustainable technology.

  • Air Injected Heavy Duty Wedge with Blow Gun

    Air Injected Heavy Duty Wedge with Blow Gun

    7" Air Injected Heavy Duty Blue Wedge (with blow gun)Item WDG-A13257 This is an Air Injected Heavy Duty Demolding Wedge with Blow Gun which uses Air Pressure to force out stubborn hard to seperate fiberglass parts. Regular standard wedges can only reach...

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  • Formula Five Clean 'N Glaze (1 Quart )

    Rexco Formula Five Clean 'N Glaze mold buffing compound gently polishes away build-up, fine scratch marks, and surface hazing from fiberglass molds and plugs while leaving behind a durable hi-luster foundation for the releasing wax. 1 Quart (32 Fluid oz)...

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  • Formula Five Mold Release Wax (12oz Can)

    ReXco Formula Five Mold Release Wax is a release agent specifically designed for the Fiberglass industry. Using multiple blends of modern polymers and special hydrocarbon waxes ReXco has created the ultimate mold release wax.  12oz...

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  • Partall Coverall Film (1 Gallon )

    Partall Coverall Film (1 Gallon )

    ReXco Partall Coverall Film is the new "Non-Hazardous", low VOC water-based polyvinyl Parting Film coating that acts as a barrier between parts and reactive mold surfaces. 1 Gallon Item: REX-PCF-1G This new parting agent is taking the place of Partal...

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