Kevlar Panel Bullet Resistant rated NIJ IIIA Size: 10" x 13"

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FABP-IIIA 10"x13"
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Flexible Kevlar Bullet Resistant Panel: Rated NIJ IIIA.   Specification UL-752 REV.9 NIJ0108.01 Rated: UL-752 Levels 1-2-3-& 6 and NIJ Level IIIA

This is a 10" x 13" Bullet Resistant Kevlar  Panel: It is made of multiple layers of 100% Kevlar Fabric "pressed" under high pressure and high heat to form a stiff but semi-flexible Kevlar bullet resistant panel. It will stop most all super powered hand guns with ratings up to and below NIJ IIIA rated rounds. Specification weight:  1.1 lb Sq.Ft. Nominal Thickness: 7/32 inch /5.55 (mm) Weapon & Bullet Description: 44 Magnum. 240gr SWC 9mm 124gr FMJ Impact Velocity: 1400 ft/sec - 426(m/sec)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review