Gun Roving 39 lb Ball 207 Yeild 2400 Tex

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WEIBO High Performance Gun Roving 2400-TEX 207 Yield (E-Glass) 39  pound ball yields 8,083 yards of roving.  It wets-out completely, chops cleanly, and releases air with minimal spring back, fuzz, and fly.  Item# GR-WBO-2400TEX.   Fiberglass Gun Roving made for use with chopper guns.

Applications:  High performance spray up roving for use with General Purpose Polyester Resin; Polyester based resins and corrosion resin. Applications include Marine Craft, Boat Building, Boat repair, Personal Water Craft, Tub & Shower Enclosures, Recreational Vehicles, Truck Caps, General Fiberglass Parts including Replica Car Parts, Hot Rod Bodies, Mold Making and Industrial Applications and Corrosion use..

Being that its a 207 yield roving means that you get about 207 yards of length per pound. Gun Roving is used with a chopper gun such as, but not limited to, our models CDA-08 Air Powered Chopper and our CGA-08 Gear Reduced Air Chopper Gun. 

For people who have never used Gun Roving and a chopper gun before this is how it works. You feed the beginning strand from the center of the ball into the chopper gun. The chopper gun begins to neatly unravel the roving as it draws the roving into the gun as you pull the trigger. The Chopper Gun cuts up the roving into short strands while quickly shooting the fiberglass roving into a mold or onto a part that has been pre-wet with polyester resin.

The resin can be applied to the mold or part either by hand brushing or spraying using one of our Gel Coat / Resin Guns which is the preferred method. This Gun Roving has very low loft during chopping, excellent vertical hold, rapid and complete wet out, ease of roll out and air release, excellent mold conformance without spring back, outstanding roving payout and package transfer, versatility in different chopper guns and transfer systems, good laminate mechanical properties and wet strength retention, It wets-out completely, chops cleanly, and releases air with minimal spring back, fuzz, and fly.  Using Gun Roving and a Chopper Gun reduces resin consumption and highly increases productivity and profitability....

This is extremely high quality material at a very good price. If quality and great results are what you want in a Gun Roving, than look no further, this is what the pro's use.  Don't forget to look at our Store for Chopper Guns and Resin Guns or call 440-992-2331.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review