ORCA Brand Carbon fiber is a super strong material that's also extremely lightweight. It's five times as strong as steel, two times as stiff, yet weighs about two-thirds less. Carbon fiber is basically very thin strands of carbon -- even thinner than human hair. The strands can be twisted together, like yarn. The yarns can be woven together, like cloth. 

  • Kevlar Scissors w/Deluxe Handle

    Clauss 8" Serated Blades Bent Kevlar Shear. Item: Clause 18425 Clauss 8" Bent Kevlar Shear. Specially designed with High Hardened Serated blades for cutting all kinds of Kevlar fabrics. Also excellent for cutting plastic, canvas, upholstery and more -...

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  • WBT-1 Electric Scissors cutting fiberglass WBT-1 Electric Scissors cutting Kevlar


      WBT-1 Electric Scissors:  These amazing light weight powered scissors cut multiple layers of Kevlar fabric and Fiberglass with ease.  They come with two sets of high hardened tungsten steel blades for durablity and longer...

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