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  • Q Cells Microspheres 1 Gallon

    1 Gallon - Q Cells Microspheres - Item: FL-157311 Gallon Q Cells Microspheres - A lightweight sandable filler used for making a lightweight sandable filler when blended with resin. Glass micro-sphere...

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  • Fumed Silica 1 Gallon

    1 Gallon Cab-O-Sil / Fumed Silica Thickening agent. 1 Gallon Cab-O-Sil 6oz of thickening agent for resins and gel coats. Added to resin systems to prevent run-off and sags on vertical surfaces...

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  • Wax Additive ( 4oz )

    4oz - Wax Surfacing agent for polyester resins and gel coats. Makes the surfaces tack free for easier sanding. Item: FL-063244 ounce container of Wax-Sol surface agent. This solution is added to...

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