About Us

Hello, my name is Brian McCafferty President and CEO of Infinity Composites, Inc.  I would like to personally thank you for stopping by and welcome you to the Infinity FRP Supply website. 

 Just to give you a little insight into the history of my  little company, I started Infinity Composites Inc. in April of 2001 from my mothers living room and worked out of a small a 10' x 7' storage room.  Back then I worked relentlessly day after day 14 hour days by myself filling online orders and trying to find local customers. 

For the local customers I would deliver fiberglass in the back of my friends Pick-up truck within a 50 mile radius.  It wasn't long after that I needed to expand into an actual warehouse with a loading dock as the product line was expanding at a rapid rate.

 There is so much more to this s eventeen year  story but not to bore you I am going to jump forward to the present day.  I now have five employees and another website dedicated to Kevlar and ballistic panels, 

I started this fiberglass distribution business wanting to supply Fiberglass shops of all sizes with quality products at an affordable price. Having a website also allowed me to reach customers all over the United States and eventually all over the world.

Now as my little business has grown over the years, we have as a company take great pride in offering quality materials for do it yourself fiberglass projects as well as large quantities for commercial customers.

For many years now we have been shipping products to all 50 US States and we also ship non hazmat products to many different countries throughout the world.  Even as my business has grown we have never lost site on keeping our smaller consumers supplied with materials for a boat repair or a small project of any kind.   We provide fiberglass composite materials to all fiberglass related industries, large or small, as well as individuals who may require materials for a one time projects.

So thank you for stopping and I hope you find what you need.  And if there is something you can find, please shoot us an email or give us a call 440-992-2331 with your request.  You can also stop by our office / warehouse. Infinity Composites, Inc 4710 State Rd. Ashtabula, OH 44004.   But its by appointment only so please call first as we may be out of  the office. 

Here's a few vids of part of our warehouse:  you-tube.jpg  you-tube.jpg  you-tube.jpg

This next paragraph is loaded with key words for the search engines such as Google so they can find our website.   We handle a wide variety of fiberglass fabrics such as E-glass, S-glass, Hybrids, Biaxial Fiberglass, Combination Fabrics, Woven Roving, Chop Strand Mat, Boat and Tooling Cloth. We also carry Kevlar® (aramid), graphite (carbon fiber), Epoxy, Polyester Resins, As a Wholesaler Distributor of Fiberglass and Composite materials, we specialize in providing many products such as Fiberglass reinforcements, Fiberglass Boat and Tooling Cloth, E-glass, Chop Strand Mat, Fiberglass for Aviation and Ballistics, Gel Coats, Polyester Resin, Fiberglass Laminating Tools, Spray Guns, Epoxy repair Kits and many other products.Fiberglass Laminating Tools, Adhesives, Sand Paper and much more.

 Most fabric items may be purchased in quantities from a few yards to full rolls. All stock materials are "A" grade unless otherwise specified, and product data sheets and MSDS are available upon request.

We specialize in fast, personalized service, and strive to serve all customers equally. We are small enough to know our regular customers and their needs, yet large enough to ship most orders from stock within a day or two after they are placed.

 If you are looking for something in particular that you cant find in our online store, please email us at or call 440-992-2331 to let us know what you are looking for and in most cases we have it but its not listed on our website.