24oz 50" Woven Roving ( Sold by the Foot )

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24oz Woven Roving 50" inch wide - Fiberglass woven roving used for quick build up and high strength. Use Epoxy or Polyester resins. Item: WR24-50Y

Woven Roving is similar to, but much heavier than fiberglass cloth. Woven roving is a heavy fiberglass fabric recognized for its easy handling and high strength. Woven roving is often used along with alternate layers of chop strand mat to build thickness rapidly.

Woven roving also wets out easily and provides high tensile and flexural strength in laminates. Best in flat or only gently contoured surfaces. Compatible with polyester, Vinyl Ester, Epoxy, and Polyurethane resin systems. Item: WR24-50Y


(No reviews yet) Write a Review