10oz / 50" Style 7500 Fiberglass Cloth -Full Roll

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10oz sq/yd 50"inch wide Fiberglass Cloth: Product number 7500: Use for Fiberglass Tooling or Boat Repair.  110 yard Full Roll: Use Epoxy or Polyester. Made in USA: Item: 7500-50R

10oz x 50" wide Style 7500 Fiberglass Cloth has a Plain Weave and is the most common fiberglass cloth used in the construction and repair of boats when a medium to heavy cloth is required.

This cloth offers a good combination weight and strength when high strength parts are desired. It is also popular in fiberglass tooling mold making. Use with Epoxy or Polyester resins. Sold by the lineal yard not square yard.. American Made Certification available upon Request... Item: 7500-50R


(No reviews yet) Write a Review