1.5 oz x 38" Fiberglass Chop Strand Mat 5 Yards

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Product Overview

1.5 ounce x 38" inch wide General Pupose Fiberglass Chop Strand Mat 5 yards. Item: CSM15-38-R

1.5 oz sq/ft 38" wide Fiberglass Chop Strand Mat. Light Weight Fiberglass Chop Strand Mat that can be used for molds & boat building or fiberglass repair. Chop Strand Mat is a general purpose fiberglass reinforcement material. It is composed of chopped fiberglass of various lengths randomly dispersed to provide equal strength in all directions, held together with a chemical binder. The end result is a material that creates good stiffness in products when used alone or in conjuction with other fiberglass fabrics. Item: CSM15-38-R


(No reviews yet) Write a Review